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Psychotropic substances

Our offer also includes manufacturing, processing, reprocessing and repacking services for medicinal products containing psychotropic substances from groups II-P, III-P, IV-P and narcotic drugs from groups I-N, II-N, and III-N.

We offer those services based on our state-of-the-art technologies, the Quality Assurance System and GMP certificate. In our operations we comply with the Polish Drug Addiction (Counteracting) Act (Journal of Laws, 2017, item 783), medicinal product and medical device laws (especially those governing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances) and we carry them out pursuant to our manufacturing authorisation from the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector.

Medicinal products whose ingredients include psychotropic substances and narcotic drugs are stored on properly secured premises which are off limits to any unauthorised persons. Such products are also protected against theft, substitution or destruction. Prespack makes sure all those requirements are met and provides professional repacking services.