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Cookie policy


This Website does not collect any information automatically except for data contained in cookie files.


Also known as cookies, cookie files are computer data (usually text files) which are stored on the Website User’s device while he or she is browsing the Website. Typically, cookies contain the name of their originating website, their expiration date after which they are removed from the end device, and their unique number.


Cookies are placed on the Website User’s device and accessed by the Jacek Karoński Prespack Website’s operator with address at św. Wawrzyńca 34, 60-541 Poznań.


Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • To make our Website remember the User’s preferences and optimise their browsing experience. In particular, cookies recognise the User’s device allowing our Website to be displayed according to how the User wants it displayed;
  • To compile statistics on how the Users use our Website, allowing us to improve its functionality, structure and content;
  • To keep the User’s session alive after login so that the User does not have to re-enter their name and password on each Website page.


Essentially, our Website uses two types of cookie files: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are transient files that remain in the device’s memory until the User logs out or closes their software (web browser). Persistent cookies remain stored on the User’s device until they expire on their set date or are deleted by the User.


Our Website uses the following types of cookie files:

  • Strictly necessary cookies – These cookies are needed to use the Website and its services. One example is authentication cookies used for Website features that require authentication.
  • Security cookies – Among other things, these cookies are used to detect any abuse of our Website authentication mechanisms.
  • Performance cookies – These cookies allow our Website to collect information about how you use it.
  • Functionality (preference) cookies – These cookies allow our Website to “remember” the choices you have made as User, and personalise its interface to account for your selected language or region, font size, website appearance, etc.
  • Targeting cookies – These cookies deliver content to the Users that is more relevant to their interests.


In many cases, web browsing programs (web browsers) allow cookies to be placed on the User’s device by default.  Website Users may change their cookie file settings at any time, in particular by disabling automatic cookie handling in their web browser settings or having the software notify them each time a cookie is set on the Website User’s device. Please refer to the settings of your software (web browser) for details on how cookie files can be processed.


Please be aware that restricting cookies may have an adverse effect on some of our Website functionality.


Cookie files stored on the Website User’s device may be used by the Website operator’s advertisers and partners.

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