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Jacek Karoński PRESPACK is currently implementing a project called “Increasing the competitiveness of Jacek Karoński PRESPACK through acquisition of modern machinery for technological, product and organizational innovations”. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is part of 2014-2020 Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme, Priority Axis 1 – Innovative and Competitive Economy, Action 1.5 – Strengthening the competitiveness of businesses, Sub-Action 1.5.2 – Strengthening the competitiveness of the region’s key economic areas.

The project goal is to acquire machinery, plant and specialised computer systems. The investment will be of significant help in developing our firm’s service and manufacturing activities, allowing PRESPACK to add new/improved services to its offer. The project will also involve technological and non-technological innovations.

As a result, PRESPACK will diversify its business offering, improve its innovativeness and develop and strengthen its competitive edge. The project will also help us grow our order pipeline and revenue.

Project value: PLN 2,607,600.00

Co-funding amount: PLN 954,000.00