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What is the outsourcing of contract packaging services and what benefits does it bring to pharmaceutical companies?

In the current economic situation, companies are seeking to optimize the costs of their operations. To enhance business efficiency and streamline processes, outsourcing of contract packaging services for medicinal products and medical devices comes to the rescue. Companies like Prespack, known as CPOs (Contract Packaging Organizations), provide comprehensive services tailored to companies in the pharmaceutical sector. This contributes to reducing workload and resource requirements on the manufacturer's side.


What is outsourcing of contract packaging?

Contract packaging outsourcing involves entrusting tasks related to the packaging process of medicinal products and medical devices to an external company specializing in packaging services. Such companies possess the necessary permits and certifications, ensuring compliance with rigorous regulatory standards

Outsourcing part of production processes to external companies has been common in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. Pharmaceutical companies often "outsource" contract packaging to reduce costs in areas such as logistics, storage, labeling, serialization and aggregation.

Secondary contract packaging outsourcing at Prespack entails providing comprehensive support to pharmaceutical entities. We operate under a Manufacturing License for Medicinal Products and a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certificate issued by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate. For our partners, we offer packaging services for medicinal products and medical devices, including products containing psychotropic substances. We assemble medical kits, we make serialization and aggregation, handle labeling and sealing, and store products under controlled conditions of +2°C to +8°C. Our own printing house further enhance our capabilities, relieving our partners of concerns in this aspect.

So, it's not just about transporting products from point A to point B, ensuring proper labeling, and sending them to their intended destinations. When you choose contract packaging services at Prespack, you gain a multifaceted partnership. We assist pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in various processes, allowing them to focus on their core business.

The knowledge and experience of the Prespack team, combined with sophisticated system tools, enable the outsourcing of processes and eliminate potential challenges within organizations. Moreover, by utilizing the services of a professional contract packaging company, manufacturers of medicinal products and medical devices gain an advisor and partner for discussions, helping them shape new market trends ahead of the competition.


For whom is contract packaging outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a suitable solution for companies focused on growth and seeking efficient project management. For many years, we have been providing specialized contract packaging, serialization and aggregation services for medicinal products, products containing psychotropic substances, and other products requiring cold chain storage. We understand how to optimize processes to consistently deliver the highest quality in the services we provide

Our services are most commonly choosed by manufacturers of medicinal products and medical devices, parallel importers and distributors who wish to concentrate on sales while entrusting packaging processes to external experts.

In the case of medicinal product and medical device manufacturers, we frequently support our business partners by contractually packaging batches of products for smaller markets. This allows them to focus on the production of the item, delivering it to us and we handle the packaging for the target markets. Recognizing that repackaging small batches of pharmaceutical products internally is not cost-effective for larger companies, we willingly undertake this task through outsourcing.

Additionally, when a company specializes in dietary supplements but also offers medicinal products requiring serialization, they entrust us with this process. The equipment, training and maintenance necessary for this process are costly, which is why we provide serialization and aggregation services to our partners.

Another frequently used service by pharmaceutical companies is assembling, which involves putting together medical kits. This process entails combining various components into a cohesive unit. Typically, clients provide us with the components and we comprehensively handle subsequent stages, including providing packaging, labels, and assembling all elements into a complete kit. In the pharmaceutical industry, this process involves combining different components, such as medicinal products in syringes, medical devices in tubes, patches, lancets, disinfectant wipes, as well as packaging and leaflets, to create comprehensive products for the market.

Depending on the product, the contract packaging process is always customized in collaboration with our partner. This requires discussion of many important aspects, but thanks to the knowledge and experience of our team, we provide professional support at every stage.


What benefits does choosing an external company for contract secondary packaging bring?

  • Cost optimization: outsourcing allows for a reduction in costs related to infrastructure, employment and the maintenance of specialized personnel and packaging equipment. The external company bears these expenses, contributing to the pharmaceutical enterprise's financial efficiency.

  • Focus on core business: by entrusting packaging processes to specialists, pharmaceutical companies can concentrate on their core activities, such as research and development of new products or expansion into new markets. This fosters greater innovation and better business outcomes

  • Regulatory compliance: an external company specializing in contract packaging possesses knowledge and experience in pharmaceutical regulations. This ensures products are manufactured in accordance with rigorous standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

  • Scalability: outsourcing enables flexible responses to changing market demands. The external company can tailor its services to fluctuations in demand, avoiding excessive internal infrastructure costs.

  • Professionalism and know-how: specialists from the external company are informed about the latest trends and best practices in pharmaceutical packaging. This facilitates the integration of innovative packaging processes, potentially yielding a competitive advantage.

Pharmaceutical companies frequently outsource contract packaging, thereby lowering costs in areas like warehousing, labeling, serialization, aggregation, and logistics. Everyone benefits from this approach – your company saves on the costs of hiring staff and acquiring technological solutions, while patients receive products manufactured in a secure manner. This strategy grants you a significant competitive edge!



Outsourcing contract packaging services for medicinal products and medical device is a strategic approach that enables pharmaceutical companies to achieve greater operational efficiency, focus on key aspects of their business and gain access to specialized know-how. Collaborating with an experienced partner in the packaging field can bring numerous benefits, strengthening the company's position in the competitive pharmaceutical market.

All tasks related to packaging medicinal products, medical devices, products containing psychotropic substances and other pharmaceutical items are not only labor-intensive but also require specialized knowledge, the use of modern machinery and software, and the provision of sufficient warehouse space.

Prespack, understanding the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies, is continuously evolving. We are currently in the final stages of construction a new manufacturing site, which will increase our capabilities and provide more warehouse space. We also have our own printing house dedicated to producing medical packaging and leaflets. We can create the necessary materials in various versions for different markets and send them directly to other EU countries.

By opting for outsourcing, the responsibility for meeting all necessary requirements largely falls on the packaging company, allowing you to fully concentrate on your core business.



Prespack offers specialised services of contract packing, repacking and serialisation for EU-originating medicinal products, psychotropic substances and products that require cold chain storage.


We provide our services based on a manufacturing authorization for medicinal products and a GMP certificate from the Polish Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector. We offer serialization solutions to marketing authorization holders (MAHs), including those involved in parallel importation (PI MAHs).



Prespack offers contract services to pharmaceutical companies, including packing, repacking medicinal products into individual packs, and serialisation. We provide our services pursuant to a manufacturing and import authorisation and a GMP certificate. We carry out the following operations as part of our manufacturing process:



9 February 2019 saw the entry into force in Poland of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161 which requires medicinal product manufacturers to use certain safety features on their products. This posed a serious challenge to pharmaceutical and contract manufacturers who had to bring their manufacturing processes and their technical and computer infrastructure in line with the new regulatory standards.



We can offer an added value to marketing authorisation holders (MAHs), including those involved in parallel importation (PI MAHs). Our in-house printing facilities are an additional advantage in that we can offer end-to-end production services for packaging materials, including internal logistics and subsequent customising processes.



All our manufacturing operations are carried out based on the current GMP guidelines. With our state-of-the-art technology and the Quality Assurance System, we can guarantee product safety and competitive service. We commit all our efforts and resources to make sure that our clients’ final products are as expected by them and fully compatible with Directive 2011/62/EU.



We are a fast growing business and we are open to new challenges. This makes us the perfect place to build and develop your career at. Choose a job that is full of challenges and will let you step up your skills and qualifications. We create quality in the workplace and we carry out our work with enthusiasm and commitment.


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