Pharmaceutical industry

Prespack offers the following range of services for pharmaceutical industry:

  • Contract packaging into single unit cartons of medicinal products provided in blisters, sachets, containers, bottles, tubes, syringes, vials and others according to GMP requirements
  • Repackaging of medicinal products, i.e. change of product information leaflets, change of cartons
  • Batch number, expiry date and other information printing on blisters and single unit cartons
  • 2D Data Matrix code or other variable data laser marking on single unit cartons
  • Color printing on packaging of medical products, food supplements and medical devices
  • Labeling application to single and primary packaging
  • Braille Labeling, package sealing with label or hot glue applications
  • Label printing and application to single packaging of „free sample – not for sale”
  • Assembling and packaging of promotional sets and multipacks
  • Organization of the repackaged products shipments to target customers
  • Retention samples archive

In the nearest plans we have implementation of cold chain repackaging services at conditions: + 2 ° C to + 8 ° C.

Our own printing house is an additional advantage of being able to offer comprehensive services production of packaging materials and its internal logistics and subsequent confection.