Marking with laser method

Marking of packaging with laser devices is the method designed for professional marking of packages in the pharmaceutical industry, which you can find in Prespack offer. These devices allow application of traditional data, ie. batch number and expiration date as well as provide a unique serialization packaging of medicinal products using 2D Data Matrix codes, in accordance with the requirements of the new Directive 2011/62/EU1.

Product marking using a laser is one of the most modern and the most effective methods of application of different imprints. Laser marking ensures the elimination of inks, solvents, filters and other consumable items that are replaced in the process by the laser light. Laser marking provides high quality etching on the packaging, as well as an unrivaled durability. The laser removes the printing layer of the packaging (cardboard painted) or causes a thermochemical reaction of ground (some species of PVC, polyethylene, etc.). In both cases, the effect is completely irreversible.

The company is also experienced in protecting the packaging against opening by using tamper evident labels, which significantly contributes to the improvement of product safety.